The Spirit of Fear and How to Deal with It

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  • Add to The Spirit of fear seems to be at work stopping many believers from doing what Jesus commanded them to do - especially in the area of witnessing. Paul taught that fear is a spirit. It even affected Timothy. You can be delivered of the spirit of fear. Learn how, here.

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Hi Michael, I woke up at 4 in the morning by my 3yr old boy screaming, I quickly held him and rebuked the spirit of fear and started praying, as I was praying my son told me, that it's on me. This startled me a little but I persisted to pray, then made him a bottle of milk and put him back to bed. I couldn't sleep as I was feeling fearful deep in my heart and went to pray and ask the Lord what's going on, I decided after to jump online and have a look for some info on spirit of fear, funny but I ended up here and you prayed for me. Thanks. I asked the Lord where and when this spirit entered, He showed me and I repented. Praise you Jesus. It's amazing that you can touch someone's life miles away on a computer, awesome, bless ya. Keep up the good fight. Amen.
By Daniel Wiebrands 2 years ago