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    go skateboarding day cop vs skaters part 2

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

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    Gerald de Lara
    dude if i was a cop i would let them skate anywhere....hell i would skate with them
    By Gerald de Lara4 years ago
    Chris Martin
    haha they wont get in any trouble tho because the cop did not read them their miranda rights which they have to do.
    By Chris Martin4 years ago
    Derrick Ortiz
    thats all bs im a cop they really did not do nun his ass must be off the force now
    By Derrick Ortiz4 years ago
    Tyler Parks
    By Tyler Parks4 years ago
    Amaru Hutchins
    What a dickhead cop where im from its just warnings none of this arrest shit , skateboarding is algood in town , there dicks mate straight up
    By Amaru Hutchins4 years ago
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