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    Diploma research - DNAT - "Klischees" (2010)

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    Florence Heyer

    von Florence Heyer

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    The summation of many characteristics doesn't form a personnality. Cropped from it's original surce, each fact becomes flat and one-sided.
    I sliced each fact of my identity and exported them. This distance deafen them and make them an abstract fiction.

    Researches :
    Fernando Pessoa (who divides himself into several fictionnal but detailed persons),
    Gérard Gasiorowski (who sliced his identity into three : the intellectual Prof. Hammer, the rebellious Kiga and himself),
    Cindy Sherman (perfekt physical transformation, each picture carries a constructed character),
    Pierrick Sorin (who talks about his private sphere in a special and strange way),
    and so many more
    . . .

    format 9:16 (portrait) _ but why did dailymotion deform it? Argh!