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    SPELLBOUND DAZZLE - Foolin' Of Each Other (official video)


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    Watch here the music video for the song "Foolin' Of Each Other" directed by Salvatore Perrone, who already worked for Exilia, Devildriver, A Day To Remember, Underoath and many other bands!

    The album "Unreal FairyTales" does not fit into any scheme, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE combine modern Metal groove with classic Hard Rock, add progressive elements and garnish the result with Folk and Polka rhythms. The thundering groove and complex structure of "Foolin' Of Each Other" is part of the album's musical mixture which promises a thrilling experience at first listening!! With "Unreal FairyTales" SPELLBOUND DAZZLE have recorded a modern and timeless piece of New Rock and Metal history!

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    SPELLBOUND DAZZLE - Foolin' Of Each Other
    Directed by Salvatore Perrone
    © 2011 Limited Access Records,
    LC 13799