Atomic Metron B5I Ski Review

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This ski is amazingly versatile. Specifically because I planned to write this review, I tried it in multiple situations, paid attention to different types of turns, and tried it in many different snow conditions and with different techniques. Although I know that the ski is heavy (all one has to do is lift it!), I didn't feel this while skiing it, even when I looked for it.

Crud over hardpack, blue terrain: In these conditions, the b5s plowed right through. They were not deflected at all by the loose snow, and they carved a line on the hardpack (my challenge was getting enough weight on the outside ski to give it a chance to carve!). I could adjust the turn shape from very tight (seemed to be 2-3m) to quite long (20m+) simply by varying the edge angle. I also let them skid turns a bit to see how they would do, and I was surprised that they cooperated very well.