"We're Going to a Rave Dance"


por Genavieve

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۞ SnÔÔpy ۞
I've Vote 4 U my Friends. Have a Nice Week-End, full of Music & Dance ... SnOOpy ;o)
Por ۞ SnÔÔpy ۞Hace 4 años
Hello my friends

Like the cool people. This movie is very successful and very modern. It's great to dance to this music. I love the mix of images !

Congratulations !

Have a nice week end, full of music and dances
Por lamicalyneHace 4 años
tony  danis
excellent***vote++++++thank you my dear friend!!******good luck!!!!***many greetings!!
Por tony danisHace 4 años
۞ SnÔÔpy ۞
Thanks for @ll adds in your Groups my Friends. Thanks for your Comments Too. Yes Poor Dog and Poor Dog. But with "Régis" it's always Terrible ;o) Take Care of you and of your Artistic Way of Life.

¤¤¤ Peace Music Arts & Friendship ¤¤¤ SnOOpy ;o)
Por ۞ SnÔÔpy ۞Hace 5 años
Very good, I like this !!
Por SpianissimoHace 5 años
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