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    PHL has chossen informal abstract art which, in opposition to the figurative art, has nothing recognizable. However, this art owns something impalpable which disconterts because it offers a new language, both universal and unifying, another key for understanding:
    His work remains open and the spectator can make his own interpretation of what he sees in the "bursts", revealing the internal climates of the painter.
    Creator of forms, colours and textures, PHL, in his research on the materiality of his painting, has found a mixed technique to express his pictorial art which simultaneously uses oil paints and different materials, giving his paintings effects of relief and this texture both mineral and organic. The daring mix of colours, his freedom of composition and movement make of PHL a painter of atmosphere and luminous climates to colour his existance and ours.
    Carried by a spontaneous emotion, curiosity and the sensation that he experiments, the spectator chooses then what affects him