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    Handless boy eats and writes with his feet


    by ODN


    It is hard for a person to continue his life when he loses his hands. But Luo Yanbo, a five-year-old boy from China has managed to brush his teeth, wash his face, eat, read books, write and ride a bike all by himself since he lost both of his hands at three.

    He accidentally touched on high-pressure electricity and, unfortunately, he lost his hands. The mother was in debt for Luo's medical treatment, and had to work away from home in the south to earn money to repay the debt. Luo was left behind with his grandmother Li Xiaotao.

    It is the grandma who began to teach the boy how to use chopsticks by feet, so that he could live independently.

    Luo's kindergarten teachers also take special care of the boy.

    A teacher at Luo's relatives said: "We taught him to hold a pen with his toes first, which he could not manage initially. But he persisted and learned to write stroke by stroke slowly. I coached him after teaching other kids in class."

    With the help from his relatives and teachers, Luo grew up quickly and is now able to manage his living on his own. He can also open his school bag, sharpen a pencil and answer phone calls with his feet.