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    T-Mobile Local Support Street Challenge - Emmering 27.09.08

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    Last weekend, on the 27th September, the T-Mobile Local Support Street Challenge took place in the "Tretlager Halle" in Emmering near Munich.

    Here are some highlights for you.

    Enjoy it.

    Contest results:

    Results team-pro:

    1. M. König, K. Liehn (529 points)

    2. S. Geier, M. Sieren (529 points)

    3. S. Lehmann, T. Schnecke (461 points)

    Results team-amateurs:

    1. S. Baumelt, E. Roehse (437 points)

    2. A. Wohnig, K. Klein (386 points)

    3. D. Albertshauser, C. Kaiser (376 points)

    Result T-Mobile Wildcard:

    Sebastian Baumelt