Lovely FaceLube Mens Face Skin Care Lyrics by Singer Hey

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Candace Chen
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  • Add to Third of numerous lovely ballards from musicians provided to you by Candace Chen and FaceLube, Home of Masculine Mens Anti-Aging Skin Face Care products for men.

Lyrics of the song:

I wanna be myself. I needa be myself. I gonna be myself. Don’t wanna smell like no rose garden. Don’t wanna prance around in some stupid shopping mall, Don’t wanna search around for stuff meant for no woman, For me it’s FaceLube or nothin’ at all. Cause I’m a man’s man and you gotta respect that, And I been a man’s man e’er since I did crawl, So if you wanna show me the respect that I need, Give me FaceLube or nothing’ at all. I ain’t into those girly little face creams, And you can stick those ointments where’s no sun at all, ‘Cause there’s only one masculine face care brand That’s truly built for a man And that’s FaceLube – or nothin’ at all!