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    The Glass Harmonica: A Sensualist's Tale


    by Penelopet

    What is it to be ravished by life? To value ecstasy above modesty? The glass harmonica — an instrument so potent it was banned. Chjara Vallé - the woman who dared to play it during new America's first sexual revolution. Henry — the husband with secrets of his own. The Glass Harmonica is an exceptional new ebook from Rosa Mira Books. author: Dorothee Kocks | publisher: Penelope Todd ||| actor: Eli Skatvedt | directing, camera, sound, VFX and production: edelbytes - owen & wehrmann ( ): Jakob Wehrmann & Alastair Owen ||| Thanks to: zeigtfilme! ( ) for streaming the rushes | Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin for the equipment | Brautmoden Leipzig for the gloves | Anche Hille for brilliant production help | Museum für Musikinstrumente der Universität Leipzig for generously letting us shoot their glass harmonica | which was played by Volker Friedemann Seumel and built in 1782. ||| Buy The Glass Harmonica, a sensualist's tale at