Why did he need to be wearing a swimming hat?!?

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The housemates get a case of the giggles remembering Ben's reaction to Dave pouring ice down his back during the stick 'em up task earlier in the day. From the early morning of day 17.


its sooo funny, john can't stop laughing.
By 24mahal 3 years ago
Thank you J ames so much I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it live . It was one of the best day/nights, wonderful memories
By suelyn1 3 years ago
Daves laugh really makes me crack up , wonder if they all think about Bens ordeal since they came out of the house .
By mamajean 3 years ago
This clip has made me laugh soooo much. It is definately one of my favourites !! Thank-you James. I log on every day hoping that a new clip will be available and you never disappoint. You are a star. Keep them coming.
By 40girton 3 years ago
Wonder if John thought that Govan may have got with Josie, he always watched them when they were in bed together, he didnt know they could only have been friends, until Josie told him after Govans eviction.
By mamajean 3 years ago
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