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    Playboating the dirty south: Saluda, Noli 1/4 mile, Eternity

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    The Saluda River in Columbia SC is the best kept secret in play boating in the southeast. Tell someone about it, or tell them to go there and that it's great and all they says is, "oh yeah." Haha! It's hilarious, their one mile stretch is better play than any river around here and nobody acknowledges it. I love it. Then there's 1/4 mile hole at the Noli... incredible. Eternity hole on the Tuckaseegee is great too, probably one of the coolest man-made play spots ever. Enjoy the video from Jan-March 2007. Disclaimer: You may not want to watch this if you're a "creeker" or a "big play features only" kind of person.