Horton Hatches the Egg (Part 1)

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Joshua Beytien
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This is the story of a lazy bird leaving her egg duty to a elephant named Horton.

This belongs to the rightful owner of this story Dr. Seuss.


aww ok well umm, you can send them to my email and i can save it to my documents. would that work? and would it be ok? i would apreiciate that if you did
By Rickey Lott last year
IDK. Youtube won't allow me because of my Google account which I must keep it my way. So I'm afraid you'll just have to watch them on Dailymotion.
By Joshua Beytien last year
its alright. hey if its ok could you send the videos to me so i can watch them all the time aside from dailymotion. no offense.
By Rickey Lott last year
I sorry Rickey, but I couldn't find other book videos that you want. They're just hard to find.
By Joshua Beytien last year
Can you upload the rest of the dr seuss book videos???? please? i want to see sleep book, thidwick, if i ran the zoo, and if i ran the circus? please?
By Rickey Lott last year