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EPIC Tarp Surfing

il y a 7 ans650 views

The long boards we used for this video were supplied from my friends longboarding company, Jaseboards. They are having a contest right now to win 2 FREE boards, and it's pretty simple to enter :)
Here's the link to enter http://www.FREEjaseboard.com

Also, the sunglasses used are from my friends company they just started, called Proof glasses. They are made out of all wood, the real deal!! :)
You can check them out here. http://www.iwantproof.com

Also, just to make sure it's clear, I was paid in NO WAY by these companies. There product fit my video perfectly, and I believe in the products that they are selling, even though they are all start up companies, without a doubt I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a longboard, or sexy rad glasses, and just for the record, I wasn't paid to say that either :)