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    1999 Climbing World Cup

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    The second leg of the 1999 World Cup took place on the 28th-30th of May in Lipsia, in the Glashalle situated within the trade fair. 80 men and 50 women competed on a wall which was 20m high and overhung 10m.

    The women's final was won by Sansoz, closely followed by Cufarin in second place and Sarkany in third. 4th Choumilova, 5th Bihr, 6th Bereciartu, 7th Brown, 8th Go, 9th Ovtchinnikiva, 10th Bodet, 11th Schultz, 12th Uhden, 13th Gronkiewicz, 14th Iovane, 15th Inozemsheva.

    In the men's Final only Legrand discovered the incredible split between the wall and a large stalactite on the route and, much to the crowd's delight and the route setters disapproval, no-hands rested before storming to victory. Later on the podium, Legrand admitted that this time not the strongest but the most cunning had won.