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    High speed circular interpolation on CNC milling machine


    by ThermalSprayGuy

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    Here, Longevity Coatings uses a solid carbide cutter on a high speed milling machine to perform a circular interpolation of a rough inside diameter on a bell housing. Afterwards, the ID was tungsten carbide-coated and ground to a fine finish of 4 Ra and still later, we performed a circular interpolation of a conical diameter with a high precision conical cutter. The mill used is a 2- and 3-axis, 20 hp high-speed CNC mill with a 24” x 48” table, a unit capable of handling parts up to 2000 lbs.

    Material: Cast aluminum
    Cutters: 1 ¼” solid carbide, conical end mill
    Machine: Okuma

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