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    Scene cut from episode 72


    by rouge11

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    Translation -

    Bar guy: This establishment is the last civilized area. Weirdly it's always been spared, at the least in a recent past. We have to admit that life is not always calm and pleasant. It's hard to handle the coarseness of these Metarex

    Shadow: From what we can see crossing space they destroyed many planets

    Bar guy: You really wish to go further continuing this way? I disadvise it strongly. We surname this area "The world of death"

    Rouge: So, what are you deciding to do?

    Shadow: You know Rouge, nothing forces you to accompany me

    Rouge: Hey! Don't say anything please. I remind you that it's me who brought you here.

    Shadow: Oh, but I'll always find a way of transportation. I wish to thank you for helping me so much. It was really nice.

    Rouge: But there's nothing. Come on. Hurry to get on board.

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