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    Heavy Rain Affects Locals in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Heavy rain over the past 24 hours has knocked out power lines and brought traffic to a standstill in the Kangra valley of India's Himachal Pradesh state. The bad weather is affecting locals, due to frequent power cuts.

    Incessant rain is affecting people in the Kangra Valley, located in India's state of Himachal Pradesh.

    Heavy rains and storms over the past 24 hours has knocked out telephone and power lines.

    [Kamal Jeet, Local]:
    "The weather is bad here since yesterday. It was a stormy night yesterday and it is raining cats and dogs since today morning. Between 2 to 3 pm in the afternoon, it was very dark here and the downpour is still continuing."

    A college student says students are not able to study due to frequent power cuts.

    [Sanjeev, College Student]:
    "The weather is not good here... there has been no electricity since last night. So because of it, school and college students faced a lot of problems due to continuous power cut."

    Vehicles were seen stranded at the market area and tourists stopped coming out of their hotels due to the heavy downpour.