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    Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler join forces


    by ODN


    Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler play a pretend couple getting ready for a divorce in the romantic comedy, Just Go With It.

    The movie follows the story of Danny, Sandler, a plastic surgeon who keeps commitment crazy women at bay by pretending to be married.

    He then falls for a 23-year-old teacher and decides to hide the ring and use his own charm. Much to his dismay, Palmer, played by model Brooklyn Decker, finds the ring and demands an explanation.

    Danny's assistant, Katherine, played by Aniston, ends up taking on the role of fake wife, and one small lie leads to a pretend family on a trip to Hawaii.

    This is Decker's first movie, and the model said that Aniston and Sandler were very welcoming. "They knew it was my first film," she said, "and when Jen met me for the first time she just gave me a hug, and that's the way she introduced herself, and that really set the tone for the entire shoot.

    "They were so sweet and, again, really just let me be free and have fun, and I think you can see when you watch on screen that all of us are just having a really good time working together."

    Just Go With It is in UK cinemas now.