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    Pegg and Frost return with 'Paul'


    by ODN


    Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are on fine form as they promote their new slacker sci-fi movie, Paul.

    The film tells the story of two British comic book enthusiasts on a road trip around the US, who encounter and befriend an alien.

    The pair hit back at suggestions they've sold out to Hollywood, with their new film shot in America and starring plenty of A-list talent.

    "We've made a film in America, we made it in Santa Fe, which is very un-Hollywood. It's still us", said Pegg, who co-wrote the film with his Frost.

    Their American co-stars were delighted to get the call from actors they describe as "comedy royalty".

    Alien and Avatar star Sigourney Weaver said she jumped at the chance to work with the pair, adding, "I slept with both of them too - they're great guys."