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    Seattle, WA Zumiez Couch Tour 2010

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports


    Stop number one on the Zumiez Couch Tour 2010 proved to be eventful. The rain came, and went, and came back again, but we were flexible and prepared enough to handle it. After we peeled back the tarps and dried off the course with towels, the epic Fallen team came out to break in the brand new street course for this year. Chris Cole landed too many tricks to name as usual, Tommy Sandoval attacked it like only he can, Billy Marks had a hot streak down the double-set, but it was Tom Asta that really stole the show. Tom skated the Philly stop of BFF last year and got 2nd place, and now he rolled in with the gnarly Fallen team to skate in front of a few thousand people. This past year has been good for Tom and it was nice to see come come full circle back to Couch Tour. Also rolling deep with Fallen this year was Garrett Hill, Dane Burman, Brian "Slash" Hansen, Tony Cervantes and of course, the Chief, Jamie Thomas.