Zumiez Best Foot Forward - Chicago

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Chicago was the best turnouts of the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Am Series and the skating was top-notch. All of the local shredders came out out to compete for first place.

Steve Villarreal placed third and also won the New Era Originator of the Day Award with tricks like kickflip backside tailslide on the plank, a huge frontside flip to tail on the quarter and nollie crook down the rail.

John Oskvarek, a.k.a. Ozzy, took second place with buttery frontside big spins and nollie flips down the stairs. He also kickflip front 5-0'd the plank.

Miles Canevello definitely killed the entire course the hardest. He destroyed everything in his path with great style and high speed. Some of his tricks include backside overcrook down the rail, a big transfer from the small quarter to the bank, nosegrind on the quarter pipe and fakie ollie north down the stairs.