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    by press2assist139

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    I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE!!! I was excited about Press2assist when I looked at the website and the services made total sense to me. Everyone needs what Press2assist offers and I would recommend it to everyone. C.S.

    IT DIDN'T SEEM POSSIBLE FOR $49 PER MONTH..!!! I've seen a lot in over 2 decades of law enforcement and was impressed to see how Press2assist addresses the needs of so many. It didn't seem possible that for $49 per month they could provide all the protection they advertised. But it's true, they really do it and I'm comfortable referring them to anyone. Mike M.

    THEN I FIND OUT THAT PRESS2ASSIST IS ALSO 5-DIAMOND RATED!!! Then I find out that the central station with Press2assist is also 5-diamond rated, the highest there is, and the last company didn't even provide that. I'm obviously pretty unhappy with the alarm company, and sold on Press2assist. Nick S.