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    European Parliament Members Attend Reception


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun Performing Arts' three companies are simultaneously performing around the world. In a few weeks time they will arrive in Europe. And members of the European Parliament who have seen the show before are getting ready for the tour by attending a special function to welcome the performers back for their 2011 season.

    On the last day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger, February 2, 2011, members of the European Parliament attended a special reception in Brussels to welcome Shen Yun Performing Arts 2011 European tour.

    [Edward McMillan-Scott, European Parliament Vice-President]:
    "I think it's very important that the heart of democracy in Europe, the European Parliament, should be the first place a reception is held to launch a European tour... It's a fascinating insight into what China's culture used to be and what I hope one day will be restored to China."

    Shen Yun takes audiences back 5,000 years to the legends of Chinese culture's creation through to contemporary China, drawing inspiration from China's many different dynasties and ethnic groups.

    [Edward McMillan-Scott, European Parliament Vice-President]:
    "I think these days in order to break through the mass media, and the commercial messages, it's very difficult to find something that is arresting and interesting. But I think Shen Yun does actually do that...It offers something entirely different and entirely new, it's remarkable....It deserves to succeed as it always does."

    Another EP member, Roger Helmer member has also seen Shen Yun.

    [Roger Helmer, European Parliament Member]:
    "I'm sure it's going to be a sell-out. So people had better buy their tickets fast."

    Shen Yun will arrive in Europe later this month, and will perform in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, the U.K., the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden between February and April.

    NTD News, Brussels, Belgium