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    Indonesian Court Postpones Trial of Muslim Cleric


    by NTDTelevision

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    An Indonesian court in Jakarta delays the trial of Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir on Thursday. Bashir is charged for helping establish a terror training camp and funding terror organizations in Aceh.

    A court in Jakata has postponed the trial of radical Indonesian cleric Abu Bakar Bashir.

    He's a leader of the outlawed Southeast Asian militant network Jemaah Islamiah.

    [Heri Swantoro, Presiding Judge]:
    "We have decided to postpone the trial to Monday, February 14 at 9 a.m., on Monday we will hear the indictment from prosecutors."

    The decision came after Bashir protested against a court summons arriving two days before the trial was scheduled to start.

    Bashir faces new charges that carry the death penalty in a trial. It refocuses attention on Indonesia's fight against Islamic terror groups.

    The trial will be the third for the frail 72-year-old Bashir, who is officially the caretaker of an Islamic boarding school on the island of Java.

    He was found not guilty of terror offences in two previous trials that attempted to link him to the 2002 Bali bombings, but only spent time in prison for lesser charges such as immigration offences.

    A team of 32 prosecutors have prepared a 93-page indictment against Bashir including charges of helping establish a terror training camp and funding terror organizations in Aceh.

    The Aceh-based group had planned to attack the president, government officials, and state guests attending an Independence Day event in August.

    The group aim to declare Indonesia an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law.