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    Dezarie - Gracious Mama Africa

    Mathieu Truchet

    par Mathieu Truchet

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    Album : Gracious Mama Africa (2003)
    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama (bis
    What is an african-american,
    Cause if you a black, you're African and then done
    Amerigo Vespucci, I ___ he done
    And that's where the name America come from
    he ones responsibles for the death of out that Indians an
    Africans, they raped our continent
    Out this contest is a contest
    If is clear to we, the love that she perform
    Ina far land from the homeland we feel
    Providing man it's soul life
    Even though Babylon try to conquer I by
    Taking us away from the homeland
    Down to Sodom and Gomorrah ina the quicksand
    Many tricks and propaganda make you wonder
    Take risk fi find out what is really under
    Deh must question, nah fe ask 'bout where we come from
    And we will go back to where we belong
    Will we go back to where we belon
    Trading the greatest,
    Must valuable treasure, the human too
    And you disrespect, you make all I sou
    And so you bring a judgment pon owna soul
    And we longing to go back home