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    Diminished Seventh Chord, a Love Letter from Beethoven


    by moxievision

    A love letter from Beethoven which was never posted, makes one think about the hardship, sacrifice and dedication of making great music. It is the same with all disciplines.
    Beethoven wrote (From Archduke Rudolph's book of instruction, compiled in 1809.)
    "When the gentlemen can think of nothing new, and can go no further, they quickly call in a diminished seventh chord to help them out of the predicament."
    A jazz abstraction of Beethoven. Eric Watson (1955-) Piano, an America's composer living in France. One of the best jazz masters of today, but still unknown in the US. His style is more avant garde and experimental. Watson understands the true joy in playing music for music's sake, thus resulting in amazing works. La musique que joue watson au piano est parfait.
    This podcast is dedicated to all who struggle for their craft. Artist, Barb Januszkiewicz.