Canberra Australia - 3 Mt Stromlo Single MTB Singletrack Helmet Cam - Rollercoaster/Skyline/Luge alt. route

Broadband Sports

by Broadband Sports

A slight variation on from my other YouTube video "Mt Stromlo Single Tracks Rollercoaster to Skyline to Luge " this is a variation to the Stromlo Forest Parks MTB Singletrack covering the Luge, The Old Duffy Descent Track back to the car park. Commencing once again from the Echidna Gap Junction but instead of taking the right fork, take the left to the Western Wedgetail. This passes down the Western side of the hill but rather than continuing the full track, as it nears the fire trail down the hill, pass back across the fire trail to rejoin the Skyline Track that then leads to the luge etc. Check out the Kangaroos (Roos) crossing the track right to left at approx 9 mins 30 seconds in the video.