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    Locals Celebrate Pineapple Festival in Northeast India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Locals in India's northeastern Nagaland state showcase the region's prime produce with a pineapple festival, including a farmers' fair and exhibition. The area's climate makes it ideal for growing large quantities of organic pineapples.

    A pineapple festival in India's northeastern Nagaland showcased the region's local produce -- super sweet pineapples.

    Pineapple cultivation is the main occupation of the people in the region, with the state's climatic conditions making it suitable to grow the fruit on a large scale, without chemical fertilizers.

    One local pineapple grower says that the state's fruit is highly sought after in other parts of the country.

    [Achong, Local Pineapple Grower]:
    "In local [areas] the rate is not so high, but if we export it to other cities, the rate is high and they like it much because it is organic."

    The director general of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research says the fruit productivity in Nagaland is higher than average. More than four tons per acre a year. He says the sweetness of Nagaland pineapples is incomparable.

    [S. Ayappan, Indian Council of Agricultural Research]:
    "Pineapple -- particularly organic pineapple -- particularly in Nagaland, from Nagaland, which is a very high price, [has] sweetness like nowhere else. Already in this village we have more than 250-300 hectares and most of the pineapples from here is sought after."

    He also said a processing facility is required in the area.