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    Indian Court Sends Alleged Pakistani Spy to Police Custody


    by NTDTelevision

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    A court in India's Pune City sends a suspected Pakistani spy to 14-days of police custody. The suspected spy is set to interrogated on the secret information he leaked to Pakistan about the Indian Army.

    A court in Pune City of India's Maharashtra state sent a suspected Pakistani spy to 14 days of police custody on Tuesday.

    The Assistant Public Prosecutor say police have yet to investigate what kind of secret information the agent leaked about the Indian Army.

    [Shilpa Mahatekar, Assistant Public Prosecutor]:
    "Today, the accused was brought to the court; he is identified as Brijesh Kumar. He worked for Lashkar (Lashkar-e-Taiba) and Indian army as well. Since 2006, he has been posted here (Pune) and has been posted in many sensitive locations. So, the police will have to interrogate him regarding what kind of secret information he passed on."

    Another Pakistani spy was arrested back on February 3rd by the crime branch department of the state.

    The crime branch is also investigating the communications the two suspected spies may have had.