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    Taiwan Detains A Major General, Charged Spying for China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Taiwan detains a major general for allegedly spying for China. Officials say he was promoted to a general in 2008 but was found to have been recruited by China in 2004.

    A Taiwanese major general has been detained for handing over military information to China, the island's military officials confirmed on Wednesday.

    Taiwan claims he spied for China for at least six years.

    [Wang Ming-Wo, Military Political Warfare Bureau]:
    "General Lo Hsien-che was posted overseas from 2002 to 2005, and the case of his spying for China began during that period. He was not posted to the United States as stated in some media reports. He was recruited by China in 2004."

    Wang says the military court searched Lo's residence last month, and detained the major general to prevent the risk of him escaping, destroying evidence or threatening military security.

    [Wang Ming-Wo, Military Political Warfare Bureau]:
    "At the end of October last year, or 2010, the defense ministry and national security departments cooperated to obtain leads and hold investigations."

    The defense ministry says all citizens should be cautious of China's intentions, even with the apparent warming of cross-strait ties.

    Beijing has never renounced the use of force to bring self-ruled and democratic Taiwan under its rule and claims its sovereignty over the island.

    Taiwan officials say Beijing also has about 1,900 missiles aimed at the island, just 100 miles away.

    Major General Lo Hsien-che is the island's highest ranked military official to be charged with espionage activities.