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    Counterpunching with the Parry!

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

    Before you check out the video, let me say this: The key to successful counterpunching lies in understanding that there is more than one key to successful counterpunching! I don’t mean to be abstract with that statement, it’s actually very true. If you are seeking to find out how to become a top counterpuncher overnight by reading one article and watching one video then I’m afraid you are misguided. But, and this is a big but, being a sound conterpuncher will most definitely require an aptitude for blocking punches and parrying punches, in particular blocking and parrying the boxing jab. We have already covered counterpunching the jab with a block, now it is time to examine the use of the parry when counterpunching the same jab.