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    Zeugma - Τurkey, archaeology destruction

    Hristos Mistiliadis

    με Hristos Mistiliadis

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    The destruction of large parts of the Roman and Hellenistic cities of Zeugma and Apamea on either bank of the Euphrates River by the construction of the Birecik dam in Southeast Turkey received considerable media coverage.
    In the Hellenistic Era the city was called "Seleukeia of Euphrates". The ancient city of Zeugma, originally, was founded by Selevkos Nikador, one of the generals of the Alexander the Great, in 300 B.C. At that time the city was named after the general and called " Selevkaya Euphrates." And the population in the city was approximately 80 000. In 64 B.C. Zeugma was conquered and ruled by Roman Empire and with this shift the name of the city was changed into Zeugma to mean "bridge-passage."
    During the roman rule, the city became one of the attractions in the region, due to its commercial potential originating from geostrategic location. Because, the Zeugma city was on the silkroad connecting Antiach to China with a quay on the river Euphrates. In 256 A.D.