LF Night 66 11

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mamajean , yes I agree!! john was beaming when josie was chosen for the final, but then his face was a givaway, he didnt look happy at all at the thought of her going back in, without him, john changed after that night,
I think this was when he started to go off the rails (he admited to davina as much) he was so scared of losing her because as you say he wasnt sure she really loved him.I cant understand why he couldnt see she adored him we could.
By letmetelu 3 years ago
Johns face says it all , he dont want his Josie to stay away from him for any length of time , with the potential for other guys to be with her in the U.BB. awwwwwwwwwww cos I dont think John was 100% sure Josie really loved him , cos he did say that to her on one clip Ive seen. He was scared she may have had BB eyes. With regards to the rest of the H/Ms at the news, you can see the ones that really wanted the free pass, by the look on their faces ( you know who you are )
By mamajean 3 years ago