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    The Mystery of The Star of Bethlehem-02


    by bladerunner537

    This is the movie about the astrologers "from the east", who had "seen the star of the newborn King of the Jews" "In the east". Probably around Chaldea/Babylon in old Sumeria, where the well taught astrologist recognizes that all interpretation of the signs and omens/warnings/announcements in the heavenly bodies movements and constellations originates from.
    This is a rather amazing movie, in so muchthat it doesn't at all, like so many Christians do, exclude the fact that there are signs made in the heavens, to signify important events in world history. Now that's Astrology.

    And it's in the Bible. It's just; so many people won't go there. The Christians because they think they're doing something wrong, the opponents of the Bible just because it's in the Bible.