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    "Stunning and Wonderful": Auckland's Last Shen Yun Show


    by NTDTelevision

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    New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts fourth visit back to the "City of Sails" in Auckland, New Zealand has come to a close. Our correspondents file this report.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts finishes up its series of shows here in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Audience members share their thoughts on the performance.

    [Julie Martin, Counselor]:
    "It's beautiful, it's exquisite, the timing, the attention to detail the color the costumes, it's just wonderful, love it. I loved the way it explains some of Chinese history, through grace and dance and poise and manners, everyone is so graceful and respectful it's beautiful."

    [Peter Kok, Doctor]:
    "Well it's a message of history and hope, the past and the present and the hopefulness I think is remarkable. This is something you have to see, it's the first time in my life I've seen such a show, and I really enjoyed it."

    Spokesperson for the Auckland Catholic Church, Lyndsay Freer, returned for the second year in a row to see the performance.

    [Lyndsay Freer, Spokesperson For Auckland Catholic Church]:
    "It's just as wonderful as the first and I think it's really wonderful because it's not only the beautiful classical dance and all the athleticism and everything but it's the whole spirituality which is so wonderful."

    Ms. Freer also described the performance as uplifting.

    [Lyndsay Freer, Spokesperson For Auckland Catholic Church]:
    "It's one of the most stunning and wonderful and uplifting experiences I've ever had, I think it's quite wonderful."

    Shen Yun's International Touring Company now heads over to Sydney to perform a series of shows at Capitol Theatre.

    NTD News, Auckland, New Zealand.
    Kathryn Shakespear

    Shen Yun's next stop in the region is Sydney, Australia from February 8th through the 27th. It's also traveling across the U.S. states of Massachusetts and Connecticut later this week.