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    Philippines Opens First "Cosplay" Maid Cafe


    by NTDTelevision

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    Waitresses in French maid uniforms and Japanese anime costumes serve and entertain customers at Philippines' first "cosplay" maid cafe. It's a place to kick back, relax and be pampered in fine style.

    A Japanese cultural phenomenon has arrived in the Philippines, it's a "Cosplay" cafe named Meidolls where waitresses dress up as anime-inspired French maids.

    The cafe recently opened its doors in Manila.

    The cafe's owner says the waitresses treat their patrons as masters and mistresses and act as servants in a private home, rather than a waitress in a cafe.

    [Reia Ayunan, Owner, Meidoll Cafe]:
    "I guess that's what we all want once in a while after a busy day of work or busy day at school. You wanna just, you know, just lay back and be served by your own servants."

    Maid cafe waitresses, unlike in a normal cafe, are required to engage with their patrons, making sure they feel at home and pampered.

    [Arianne Gonzaga, Maid, Cafe Waitress]:
    "We're trying to take it one step higher than the Filipino hospitality."

    The cafe has been well received so far by her customers.

    [Wow Nabong, Cafe Customer]:
    "The servers are courteous, they're all pretty and nice to talk to."

    Cosplay maid cafes thrive on pretty and cute waitresses to attract customers.

    Ocassionally, staff entertain patrons by singing Japanese songs and dancing with them.

    [Sarah Guevara, Maid, Cafe Waitress]:
    "For me, it's fun because we're always in costume and everyday is a cosplay day."

    The cafe was set up with the help of the Filipino cosplay community.

    Over 10,000 Filipinos go to "cosplay" conventions where temporary maid cafes are set up, but now, there is one to serve customers all year round.