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It's always a treat to hear new music from the Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John. "Second Chance" is the first single from their new album which will be released next month, and based on their Conan performance last Tuesday we can expect more of the same addictive whimsical power pop on “Gimmie Some”, the band’s sixth full-length release. For good measure, we also throw in a bit of their performance of “Young Folks” on Conan’s old show, from back in 2007. Linken Park significantly retooled their nu-metal sound for their latest concept album “A Thousand Suns” and brought a radically new look to the SNL stage last Saturday, with a stark black and white light show and enough drums to literally start a marching band. We sample the final two minutes of “When They Come For Me” which are pretty arresting music television. The post Super Bowl Black Eyed Peas backlash shows no sign of abating, and to counterbalance the extreme negativity that this performance generated online we present our own “Fair and Balanced” take on yesterday’s Fox Network broadcast of the 12 minute halftime show. People, it really wasn’t that bad – go back and watch “I Gotta Feeling” again and tell us we’re wrong. Joining the band were Slash, Usher and a whole cast of dancing extras in what looked like costumes borrowed from the set of Tron. We’ll be reporting on next Sunday’s The Grammy Awards in the next episode, and today we look back on another large-scale performance that was judged harshly when it first aired. The 2006 all star Grammy tribute to Sly and the Family Stone – “I Wanna Take You Higher” is a deliciously muddled affair, with the mohawked guest of honour putting in only about three minutes of stage time in total. This wasn’t the only time Sly’s unpredictability made for riveting television. As a talk show guest in the 70s on such shows as Mike Douglas and Dick Cavett Sly pressed the boundaries of coherently acceptable behaviour. But by the start of the 80s he had cleaned up his act considerably, as this appearance on Late ...