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    Messi Funny Free Kick vs Atletico Madrid


    door GoudenElf

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    Greg Ratcliffe
    what was funny about it?
    Door Greg Ratcliffe4 jaren geleden
    Maneesh Sreekar
    fucking pussy......just like any other barca and will do anything and just anything to get a goal or to get an opponent carded
    Door Maneesh Sreekar4 jaren geleden
    Shahrizan Ismail
    wait for ref to whistled, then complained (most barca players)...while the ref addressing other players he took the free kick it. quite a low strategy.
    Door Shahrizan Ismail4 jaren geleden
    florent Limani
    familjen e tinzakit , qyshtu jeni msu ju :!
    Door florent Limani4 jaren geleden
    Danny Krotz
    Door Danny Krotz4 jaren geleden
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