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By the way drum cover - Red hot chili peppers

il y a 7 ans540 views

Hi ! There's another record, please be forgiving :) !!! This song is not very easy to play, they speed up !.... You have to remain focused, sorry if I did some small mistakes ^^"

Please comment !! and check out my channel !!

Red hot chili peppers - By the way
from the 2002 release "By the way"
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

My drum set :

- Tama superstar custom hyperdrive Grey Pewter 10",12",14",16",22" -14"*5.5" metalwork snare drum.
-Evans G2 coated

Cymbals :

-Sabian HHX evolution 16" crash
-Sabian HHX 18" explosion crash
-Meinl Classics 14" hit-hat
-Meinl Classics 16" medium crash
-Paiste PST5 20" medium ride
-Paiste Alpha 8" thin splash

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By the way drum cover - Red hot chili peppers
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