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    Grandpa's Song (Parody Of This Old Man)


    by Dyluminati

    This is just really ridiculous. "Grandpa's Song" is a track from my comedy mixtape Bees Knees Grow On Trees Or My Penis Is In Your Eye ( It's just a silly parody of "This Old Man," which is the "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" song wherein one would give a dog a bone. My partner Sarah Anderson ( made the animation the first time she tried to teach herself to use Flash, so we can make this cartoon upon which we've been working. It's just really simple 2 second clip that wasn't intended for human consumption. When I saw it I thought of my little parody and I stole it, looped it and slapped it together. It's not Spielberg & James Cameron stuff. It's just silly. If you like it, you laugh, you giggle, you snicker hit that like button and/or leave a comment of two. And for fuck's sake don't forget to subscribe.