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    Becks, have you been sniffing my pants?


    by james32_

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    Hahahahahahaha that made me LOL manajean
    By cazb19865 years ago
    Agree with all your clever comments and analysis, JJJ fans are not only Romantic and loyal, but very very clever , and all the so called experts that said Josie & John would not get it on,and also the celebs that said the same thing, were not as observant as we were. They wouldnt see an elephant if it turned round and bit them on the ass, hope we hear some exciting news on Valentines day, hint ( one knee & something sparkley ) he he he lol
    By mamajean5 years ago
    Jackie Mcglynn
    totally agree Barberella,.the conversation on the bench that night with Mario was very telling but I got the impression that he was pleased that she was not a sleep with anybody type of girl.
    By Jackie Mcglynn5 years ago
    @Barberella211 excellent analysis x
    By giwwy5 years ago
    I totally agree with your comments jackiebunny, What I find funny is that he did not care that he had been found out pinching her knickers or that he sniffed them. Govan looked a bit shocked when he heard. It was apparent to me from day 7 onwards that John was obsessed with Josie he was always leaning his head on her boobs, touching her or playing with her hair he just could not get enough of her and was often making reference to her hairy vag. that he referred to as sherwood forest. John never discussed anything sexual with any of the other female housemates that I remember seeing. I remember the discussion on the bench with Mario about Mario's sexual adventures and how interested he was in Josies responses. He was trying to ferret information from her as to whether she participated in certain sexual acts. Most men would be too embarassed to discuss matters of this nature with a person they fancied but then John is very different from most men.
    By Barberella2115 years ago
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