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    [Rs DDoSer V1.0.9!] Send a Keylogger/Rat to your ...


    by RsMultiHackGroup

    We had some problems, everything should be fixed now. In the latest mirror, we deleted the RAT option but the DDoS should be working for everyone now. Hello there, I'll start off with some info about us, we're 5 experienced coders and we've decided to do something for the community. As Fagex banned us for Glitching, we picked their game. People needed a DDoSer so we made one. And finally it's done! Soon there will be a member pin generator! Subscribe if you want it! Also this DDoSer has the option the put a RAT/keylogger on your victims computer. Of course this is just the free version, with a limited amount of shells. The paid version has unlimited shells. And it only costs 5$! Pm us for it. Also we're looking for shells. Have any for sale? Contact us please, we'll negotiate about the price. Enough said. Here's the download link (If this program gives you an error, please download our mirror) This one should work for everyone, but the RAT may fail. For some people the first one will work, for others the 2nd. DO NOT CLAIM THE PROGRAM AS YOUR OWN! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESELL IT NOR ASK MONEY FOR THE FREE VERSION! Of course you can always send the free version to all your friends! How to use: Well actually everything is showed in the video but fine... 1) Enter your victims username, this HAS to be his display name. 2) Click on "Find Ip" 3) Move on to the tab "Attack Info" 4) Tick on DDoS Attack and Keylogger/RAT if you want. 5) Choose how long the DDoS attack has to last 6) Enter your email, this is needed for the shells 7) Click on Start