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    Queenslanders Help Neighbors in the Wake of Cyclone Yasi


    by NTDTelevision

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    Communities in Queensland, Australia unite to help the region devastated by Cyclone Yasi. 4,000 troops have been deployed to help with the recovery process.

    Residents of Australia's state of Queensland have started to clear up the mess Cyclone Yasi has left behind, with neighbors pitching in to help each other, while waiting for military aid.

    Many people were astounded that Cyclone Yasi -- which packed winds of up to 186 miles an hour at its core -- did much less damage than estimated.

    Streets were covered in debris and fallen trees, and on some roads, sections are missing.

    Some businesses were badly damaged by the storm.

    In the farming town of Silkwood, which was hit by the eye of the cyclone, neighbors are helping each other before military aid arrive.

    [Alex West, Silkwood Resident]:
    "Oh we're just heading up the back of Silkwood there. We've got guys that are stuck on a little farm, a family in wheelchairs actually. They can't get out of their driveway and their house are smashed to bits."

    West also visited the Gray family trapped on their property, in need more gas for cooking.

    The driveway was covered in debris and West's team had to clear it with chainsaws to make the main road accessible.

    [Alex Gray, Silkwood Resident]:
    "I've helped a lot of people before and they seem to be helping me now."

    The federal government has deployed 4,000 troops to the devastated region, and some of the soldiers started arriving at Mission Beach on Friday to start the recovery process.

    Queensland has had a cruel summer, with floods sweeping across it and other eastern states in recent months, killing 35 people and causing damage estimated at $10 billion.