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    Lion Dance and Dolphins Perform Together at Marine Park


    by NTDTelevision

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    A marine park in one of Indonesia's tourist resorts in Jakarta celebrated Chinese New Year with a unique show combining the traditional lion dance with a dolphin show. Let's go to Jakarta for more.

    At Ocean Dream Samudra in Jakarta, marine animals are a far more common sight than lions, but this green lion is making a rare appearance for Chinese New Year.

    The lion's antics keep the audience entertained before the lion leaves -- boarding a dragon boat and heading to the middle of the dolphin pool, where the show continues.

    Here the dolphins show their performing abilities, as they take turns jumping over the lion dance and the dragon boat, to the great delight of the audience.

    The smart marine animals then help their coach pull the dragon boat around the pool and back to the stage.

    [Roni Rahardjo, Ocean Dream Samudra]:
    "What we're presenting here is edutainment, meaning that as well as catering to the tourists, with the theme of Chinese New Year, we are also educating our visitors. So we held a special event with the lion dance and dolphins working together, along with the dragon boat. I hope this event gives people a better understanding of dolphins, which will help them love them more and want to protect dolphins in their natural environment."

    As well as the combined lion dance and dolphin show, Ocean Dream Samudra's show boasts many more attractions, such as the dolphins' amazing jumps, sea lions that clap and play with a ball, and a white whale that will kiss your cheek if you get close enough.

    The preparations for this Chinese New Year celebration took months and involved a total of 14 marine animal trainers, six dolphins, four sea lions and two white whales, which all take turns performing in a show which is held three times a day.

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.