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    Ufo in Jerusalem caught on Webcam ?

    (Free) Hugues

    par (Free) Hugues

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    "I went to this website:
    and typed in the date as follows 28-01-2011. Also on this website you can get the location of the camera, the manager of the states that camera looks north, so using google earth I typed in the location of the web cam and looking north The Dome of the Rock is within the range of the cam, although it is distant and hidden by the old wall of the city and The King David Hotel. At 00:57:59, or 12:57:59 a.m. (on the webcam time) you see to the right of the screen over where the DOR is a bright light that disappears. I hope this shows what I mean accurately, all credit to the original filmers of this event. Never tried to make my own video so here it is for what it's worth. The only edit I did was shortening the webcam video. You can do all this yourself and find what I found. Peace."