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    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2011-02-04 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 7 Jaguar ♥ "TRANSCRIPT" Intro: It’s after 2:00 a.m., and I have no idea why I turned the web cam on. Oh well - what’s new, after all? :) My heart is full, after returning from a meeting of the Arkansas free state Republic. Being in the same room with people of such heart, willing to step out and lay it all on the line to bring this country back into consonance with her true origins - that is so special. What a great feeling! Yet, as I come here, to the journal, knowing I will share it with this beautiful community we have here, as we share these videos - well, this is just as special as that is. It’s much the same, actually, for to be in heart, we also lay it all on the line. We WILL be misunderstood - that’s a given. People living in the kingdom of mind will not, they can not understand what is spoken from heart. It’s not possible. So it takes a certain courage to come out of the mind-centric way we’ve been living to do this - to enter the Kingdom of Heart. In our own way, we, here, are also reestablishing the original kingdom of consciousness - before it was invaded and taken over by the manipulators. This, too, is fraught with dangers of its own kind. It’s all one, though. That’s the point of so much of what I share. As we’re shoveling out the crap of the false beliefs we’ve been led to base our life upon, we’re entering into such levels of freedom that are unaccustomed to us. Heart has no fear. Vision and Wisdom, yes, but not fear. One of the greatest blessings of heart living is flexible perspective. From heart - where all is one - you can step into any perspective at all. This is great for fostering understanding between people... Distributed by Tubemogul.