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    Ukrainian Experts Discuss European Integration


    by NTDTelevision

    With a new president, Ukrainians can say they are living in an era of changes – changes in government and a series of reforms.

    However, Ukraine’s pro-European outlook remains unchanged.

    President Viktor Yanukovych continues to reiterate that becoming a member of the EU is a strategic goal for his government.

    And a plan to get rid of the visa requirements for the country's citizens brings Ukraine closer to this cherished dream.

    But experts say the country’s latest developments are raising alarms.

    [Oleh Rybachuk, Leader of NGO "New Citizen"]:
    "Now there are serious obstacles in continuing this approach and there’re real threats that if Ukraine carries on its policy, it has no chance to formalize the prospects for the EU – not this year, not in the next few years."

    Ukraine's Prosecutor General opened a criminal case against the ex-Minister of Economy, Bohdan Danylyshyn. He was accused of causing the state losses of several million UAH. Later, the Czech Republic granted Danylyshyn asylum.

    According to experts, providing political asylum to Danylyshyn in the Czech Republic means that Europe believes there is no fair judicial system in Ukraine.

    The U.S. and Germany have already affirmed that Kyiv is using "selective justice" to intimidate the opposition.

    [Oleh Rybachuk, Leader of NGO "New Citizen"]:
    "Ukrainian authorities believe that when they’re solving some economic questions, they can ignore values such as freedom and rule of law. The authorities have this mentality and think that the EU will support such a policy. It’s the first time the authorities are faced with the fact that for the EU, rather than some formal laws or formal steps that have been adopted in Ukraine – namely the observance of these things – it is more important that the country must first be democratic and should have a rule of law; only then can one speak of further rapprochement."

    NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine.