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    Vintage Cars Go on Auction in Paris


    by NTDTelevision

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    A collection of unique vintage cars goes on exhibition in Paris before they get auctioned this weekend. The most spectacular, John Lennon's Ferrari, will go on show, but not under the hammer. The car's owner pulled out at the last minute.

    It's a classy location for some classic cars. In 1901, the Grand Palais welcomed the first Paris Motor-show.

    110 years later, turn-of-the-century automobiles are making a prestigious come back there.

    Bonhams auction house are preparing for a big auction with over 90 cars from the 20th century.

    [Philip Kantor, Car Specialist, Bonhams Auction House]:
    "The Grand Palais is steeped in automotive history, there was a salon here in 1901 and the latest salon was in 1961, this was 50 years ago and now the motorcars of Bonhams here are back in the Grand Palais, the architecture, the whole place is just magical, we are really proud to be here and very happy.”

    Visitors can stroll under the beautiful architecture of the Grand Palais while they witness over a century of automotive history.

    [Philip Kantor, Car Specialist, Bonhams Auction House]:
    "Well there is really everything, for a start there is the exhibition and the veterans which are together on the subject of the 110 years of the motorcar at the Grand Palais and then in the sale there are cars from 1903 up to the 80's, what they now call ‘young timers’…”

    The one item that won't be going under the auctioneer's hammer is a blue Ferrari owned by John Lennon.

    The owner decided the car was just priceless and pulled out of the auction at the last moment.

    [Philip Kantor, Car Specialist, Bonhams Auction House]:
    "Sadly that is the only car which will not be presented in the sale and it was withdrawn by the owner because he just couldn't face parting with it, in the end he couldn't bear the idea of parting with it, so he's - unfortunately for us - decided to retract it and keep it.”